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Here at The Loans Café, we understand the needs of property investors are different to those of owner-occupiers. That’s why we have a range of investment home loans designed to help you meet your specific financial goals. We make property investment easier.

At The Loans Café Perth, your specialist advisor will help you find the most effective financial instrument to maximize the economic benefits of your investment strategy. Your Loans Café consultant specializes in commercial dealings and property investment in Perth, with a high level of expertise and access to a wide range of investment home loans designed to help you achieve your financial goals.

Property investment is highly popularized in the Australian market, and for a good reason. Participating in property investment in Perth provides buyers with a long-term asset with above average returns, consistent investment performance, tax offsets and a tangible, multi-purpose asset.

As a landlord, your property investment will generate regular income, which can provide a stream of revenue whilst also helping to meet the costs of the investment. Over time, the property asset has the potential to increase in value, increasing your capital growth and personal wealth.  An investment property can also provide potential tax savings. Many of the costs of owning a rental property can be tax deductible, making your investment more affordable.

Your Loans Café expert can help you determine the most viable strategy to maximise your economic gains. An investment property can be held in your own name, owned jointly with a friend or partner, in a trust or company, or in a self-man­aged super fund. The Loans Café provides you with a myriad of knowledge and advice to utilise the resources around you to capitalise on market opportunities. We arm you with a holistic view on the benefits and the costs of each strategy and help you to make an informed decision for an asset that can provide financial benefits well into the future.

Talk to us today about how you can maximize the capital gain on your investment property strategy by finding the perfect investment property loan to suit your needs.

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