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Here at the Loans Café Perth, we understand that life goes through changes. For better or for worse, if you’re looking for a change in home loans that is more suitable for the road ahead, we’re here to help you take the turn.

As an experienced buyer, you know the importance of having a home loan that reflects your changing needs. At The Loans Café Perth, we help you to act quickly to ensure that you start off your new property purchase or construction on solid grounds.

The expert consultants at The Loans Café help you to leverage current market opportunities and move with the speed and agility required to take full advantage of them. Our personalized service devotes an unlimited breadth of financial expertise, market research and trend data to help you explore your options and make informed and financially beneficially decisions. We help you to create alternative strategies that avoid expensive bridging finance so that you can gain a new asset, before selling your previous property.

Refinancing your mortgage allows you to take advantage of added flexibility, competitive interest rates and terms that may not have previously been on the market. If you have had your mortgage for a large number of years, or are coming to the end of a fixed rate term and have not previously considered refinancing, perhaps it is time for you to explore the competitive options that are now available to buyers. The Loans Café Perth helps homeowners to capitalize on the wide range of benefits that can come from refinancing, including the ability to use the equity in your home for renovations.

The Loans Café helps you identify the gap between your current home loan, and the features that you need now. We help you to execute a range of strategies like interest offset, credit card packages, creating synergies between your credit and transaction accounts with your home loan.

Your Loans Café consultant can manage all aspects of finance for your mortgage portfolio. When refinancing your home loan, your expert consultant provides you with a 360degree view of everything you need to know about refinancing, and what it will mean for you. We take the time to understand how your needs are changing and explore your options with you based on the life of your current mortgage, your credit rating, loan repayment length and payment frequency. The Loans Café works with you to ensure your new home loan provides you with the support you need to make the change.

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