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Purchasing a home is one of the most critical financial decisions you will make in your lifetime. When making a financial purchase of this magnitude, there is no doubting the importance and unlimited benefits that an expert consultant can provide to helping you navigate through one of life’s most important financial decisions.

At The Loans Café Perth, our specialized consultants are here to give you the support and expert guidance you need pave the financial path to your dream home. At The Loans Café Perth, we focus on giving you the peace of mind, guidance and understanding that you need as a first homebuyer. Your personal advisor will help to take the stress out of what should be an exciting and highly rewarding experience. We’re here to help you every step of the way, ensuring that you take advantage of all of the grants, incentives and benefits that you’re entitled to. If you’ve found the perfect place for you, we’re here to help make it happen.

At The Loans Café, we like to stay one step ahead of the crowd with our expert team keeping a watchful eye on macro and micro movements and changes in government policy. Our expert team is here to help you make informed decisions that allow you to take maximum advantage of opportunities now and in the future. At The Loans Café, we know that your first home lending procedure requires extra special care and consideration. With the current government incentives and interest rates at historic lows, its never been a better time to consider your first purchase.

The Loans Café specializes in first home loans with a large part of our business dedicated to helping first home owners get into their first home faster. We’ve spent almost 20 years perfecting and refining first home loan lending to an art form. We help you to implement strategies to help you get into your first home sooner.

Peace of mind
With almost 20 years of establishing trust as one of Perth’s most reputable financial solutions, we align ourselves with only the most secure financial lenders and offerings that give you the best outcomes.
Understanding and guidance every step of the way
We help you simplify and understand your options, highlight the fine print and translate into a language you understand.
Holistic expert advice
Ahead of the curb, innovative strategies to help you make the most out of grants, tools and offerings available
Speedy processing times
We focus on a high level of personalized service, looking after fewer clients to dedicate our time to maximizing their outcomes.
Personalized service
We get to know you and understand your needs to find the best product to suit YOU.
Chose from a range of loan options with over 30 highly reputable lenders.

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