Loans Cafe Blog Post: Who’s Who in the Financial Zoo? Who is a Mortgage Broker, and What Does a Mortgage Broker Actually Do?

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Why You Should Focus on Your ‘Who’

When you’re looking to purchase a new home or Perth investment property, there’s already so many things running through your mind: what, where, when, how much. But the question that many people forget to bring to front of mind is, “Who?”


When you’re selling your home or Perth property, the ‘who’ is often one of the most important questions. We spend a lot of time talking with real estate agents and agencies who we feel will be most effective in making the sale on our behalf. What’s more, we pay them a hefty sum to do so and are okay with it!


On the flip side, when we’re buying, the ‘who’ starts to fall away which can create a lot of roadblocks between you and your goals.


Here’s why you should start focusing on your ‘who’.


Mortgage Brokers act as the bridge between you and the lender (usually a bank). Unlike real estate agents, they are totally free to you and often triple your chances of success. They are highly informed about the different products and offerings on offer, can have great relationships with financial institutions and fast turnaround times. Mortgage Broker’s do the appropriate research for you, and support you through the application and settlement process.


The Loans Cafe has a team of experts with over 20 years experience in the industry. The Loans Cafe is a highly respected institution in Perth that has over 2000 happy customers as proof of their success and impact on the Perth community.


So what are the main benefits of using a Mortgage Broker in Perth?

  1. Extensive Market Knowledge
  2. Saves Time and a Great Deal of Money on Finding You the Right Deals
  3. Access to Multiple Financial Vendors
  4. Great Relationships with a Myriad of Financial Institutions
  5. Guidance and Education in Complex Situations


All banks have different guidelines, terms and offerings which may or may not be right for you. Financial jargon can become incredibly confusing for even the most savvy of minds. Your home is likely the largest investment that you’ll ever make in your life. Mortgage Loans are a situation where you want to get it right, so why not leave it in the hands on an expert?

When should I use a Mortgage Broker?

  1. First Home Buyers
  2. Refinancing Your Property
  3. Buying an Investment Property
  4. Complex Financial Circumstances


No matter what your situation, you can benefit from the complementary services of an expert Mortgage Broker. Some people may believe that only Perth’s first home buyers will benefit due to their lower education and exposure to the process, but over time, it is important to remember that as your circumstances change, so too does your Mortgage ‘best fit’.


Start paying attention to your ‘who’. In order to understand your needs and how to best service them and save money along the way, talk to the team of experts at The Loans Cafe to navigate through your financial waters.


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