Expert Predictions: Perth Property Markets This Autumn.

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It’s hard to believe that autumn is already here. That means the leaves are starting to fall, along with the temperature. So what does this mean for Perth property markets this season?

If you’re getting ready to enter the property market throughout the season, it is crucial to grab a coat and get prepared. That means talking to the experts, getting ready for auction, and getting your affairs in order to start making the most of your new Perth home or investment property.

If you’re looking at stepping into the property market over the next few months, being prepared is key. That means being auction ready, knowing the market and crunching the numbers on your potential home loan so you can find the best deal and plan a budget.


Expert Predictions

After spending some time in limbo, it is believed that what goes down must rise again. The Perth property market must come back up, and the city preparing itself for an upwards climb.

Experts believe that Perth is getting close to reaching the bottom of the market now, but until it reaches its ultimate low, there will likely still be fluctuation. Depending on whether you are looking for an investment property, or a new home, talk to your Loans Cafe home loan expert about the best strategy to navigate through Perth’s property waters.

To help you ready yourself for your Perth property purchase, explore the resources on our website, or reach out to a Loans Cafe expert today. The Loans Cafe has a range of resources for our clients across our social and digital channels to keep you informed with the latests in Perth home loan news. Keep an eye out for the RBA interest rate update on the first Tuesday of this month.

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