Investment Home Loans

Here at The Loans Café, we understand the needs of property investors are different to those of owner-occupiers. That’s why we have a range of investment home loans designed to help you meet your specific financial goals. We make property investment easier.

We have access to a range of residential investment loans to meet the varying needs of investors. You can choose from variable and fixed rate loans, as well as features like interest-in-advance and mortgage offset accounts.

Property is a popular investment among Australians. Real estate is something we know and understand, and property is a tangible asset we can see and touch.

As a landlord, your property investment will generate regular rent. This is extra cash to live on, and the rent can help meet the costs of the investment. Importantly, a well chosen property has the potential to rise in value, giving you capital growth over time.

An investment property can also provide potential tax savings. Many of the costs of owning a rental property can be tax deductible, making your investment more affordable.

An investment property can be held in your own name, owned jointly with a friend or partner, or held in a trust or company. You can also hold your investment property in a self-managed super fund. Either way, it’s important to get the ownership structure right at the time of purchasing the investment property as it can be costly to alter the title deeds for the property later on.

If you want to find out more, contact the Loans Café credit advisers now to get help in finding the most suitable investment property loan for you.


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